Who should use the XBRL software?

Organization types – who should use?

Any organization processing financial statements

Any organization processing a certain volume financial statements can benefit from using our unique pdf2xbrl conversion software including:

  • Service providers
  • Accounting firms
  • Filing agents
  • Medium/large sized businesses
  • Regulators
    • Company registers
    • Tax authorities
  • Other organiations needing to analyse financial information

Service providers

  • Service providers and outsourcing companies engaged in the process of converting accounts to XBRL should consider our pdf2xbrl solution as means of increasing productivity:
  • High-productivity solution – fully automatic conversion combined with our pdf2xbrl editing environment offers unparalleled levels of productivity
    • Unique technology – the only software that converts accounts directly from PDF to XBRL
    • Intelligent extraction – content and structure recognized by the software without human intervention e.g. financial values, periods and units all recognized
    • Automated tagging – reduces the need for manual work with heuristic dictionary functionality matching accounting labels to taxonomy terms
    • Feature-rich operator environment – intuitive pdf2xbrl user interface utilized by operators to edit and quality assure converted accounts, before validating and outputting finished iXBRL / XBRL

Accounting firms

  • Accounting firms who need to convert statutory accounts to XBRL / iXBRL:
    • For example where such financial statements are "standalone" rather than the XBRL being automatically generated from the accounts production system software
  • If you have a certain volume of accounts to convert each year – our pdf2xbrl software may well be the perfect solution for you

Medium/large sized businesses

  • Medium/large sized businesses with a volume of accounts to convert (for low volume UK and Irish conversions, we recommend that you use our tagging service instead)

Filing agents

  • As an alternative to outsourcing the conversion of iXBRL, filing agents can implement their own XBRL tagging resource utilising our pdf2xbrl cloud-based solution

Company registers

  • Company registers receiving financial statements as PDFs
    • Digital original PDFs
    • Image PDFs - scans from paper
  • To harvest financial data trapped within these PDFs, our system can be utilized to for example to extract the primary statements as a fully tagged XBRL instance

Tax authorities

  • Tax authorities who receive submissions as "flat" PDFs and wish to convert the data electronically to XBRL, thereby enabling them to unlock and analyse this financial information
  • One can select whether to convert the entire document, or for example restrict conversion to primary financial statements

Set up your own tagging service

Our pdf2xbrl solution allows enables you to offer your own "tagging service", whereby you take the client's non-XBRL accounts in PDF, Word or Excel formats and convert these financial statements into filing-ready XBRL.

Complement your existing XBRL methodology with our pdf2xbrl solution

Complement your existing XBRL tagging methodology with our system for pdf2xbrl processing PDFs – no other system takes PDFs and converts them into fully validated XBRL / iXBRL in such a productive manner.

Next steps ?

  • For an initial overview of how the software works, request our pdf2xbrl Screen Pack
  • Or to experience the system live, simply ask us for a demonstration of the system using your own financial statements
  • Once you subscribe, you receive your own cloud-based pdf2xbrl accounts conversion system:
    • This provides a fully secure accounts conversion service enabling the production of financial statements as fully tagged XBRL instances
    • The software is cloud based, so you log in via the web in order to utilise it
  • Full training and support provided, plus taxonomy updates

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