pdf2xbrl – XBRL conversion software

Convert PDF, Word, Excel accounts files to XBRL / iXBRL

The software converts accounts in PDF format into XBRL ?

Yes, it does!  And there is no need to alter the current processes for the production of accounts, as our solution converts PDF, Word or Excel format accounts directly into fully validated, filing-ready XBRL / iXBRL.

Key features

  • XBRL from PDF, Word, Excel – accounts, financial statements and computations in PDF, Word, Excel and other formats converted directly into XBRL / iXBRL
  • Unique technology – the only software that converts accounts directly from PDF to XBRL
  • Maintain your current workflow – no need to alter the accounts workflow or disrupt existing processes
  • Intelligent extraction – content and structure recognized by the software without human intervention e.g. financial values, periods and units all recognized
  • High-productivity solution – fully automatic conversion combined with our pdf2xbrl editing environment offers unparalleled levels of productivity
  • Automated tagging – reduces the need for manual work with heuristic dictionary functionality matching accounting labels to taxonomy terms
  • Feature-rich operator environment – intuitive pdf2xbrl user interface utilized by operators to edit and quality assure converted accounts, before validating and outputting finished iXBRL / XBRL
  • Who should use? – accounting firms, service providers, regulators, filing agents, medium/large sized businesses, and organizations with a volume of accounts to convert (for low volume UK and Irish conversions, use our tagging service instead)
  • Taxonomy support – taxonomy plugged in according to conversion requirements e.g. UK GAAP, Irish GAAP, Indian GAAP MCA, US GAAP, IFRS, Singapore ACRA, custom taxonomy, etc.
  • Tagging Reports – in addition to the finished XBRL / iXBRL, easy-to-read Tagging Reports provide a record of tagging decisions
  • Customer support – includes full training, ongoing technical support and taxonomy updates

Conversion workflow diagram

Check the workflow diagram below to see exactly how our unique pdf2xbrl technology converts financial statements into XBRL or iXBRL.

PDF to XBRL / iXBRL – conversion workflow diagram


pdf2xbrl conversion software pdf2xbrl conversion software - brochure including XBRL conversion workflow diagram

Formats supported

Input formats supported include:

  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Word
  • HTML
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Other formats

How does it work?


Input – financial statement Processing starts automatically:

  • PDF – native digital
  • PDF – scanned image
  • Other formats – Word, Excel, HTML, Adobe InDesign

Conversion – automatic

  • PDF converted to XML
  • Financial values, periods and units recognized
  • “Suggested” tags are queued for acceptance
  • Results in part-finished XBRL

Output – part-finished XBRL

  • Then utilize our integrated pdf2xbrl editor to finish the XBRL / iXBRL
  • Or alternatively import into another application for further processing

pdf2xbrl editor

  • Intuitive visual interface utilized by operators
  • Suggested tags confirmed
  • Key information assigned
  • Tag for required depth of detail
  • Table level, individual financial values, textual elements, etc.

Quality assure and validate

  • Once editing complete, quality assure
  • Utilize validation reports to finish
  • Validate and output to XBRL / iXBRL

Tagging Report

In addition to the finished XBRL, easy-to-read Tagging Reports output from the system provide a record of tagging decisions.

Customer support

Includes full training, ongoing technical support and taxonomy updates

Next steps ?

  • For an initial overview of how the software works, request our pdf2xbrl Screen Pack
  • Or to experience the system live, simply ask us for a demonstration of the system using your own financial statements
  • Once you subscribe, you receive your own cloud-based pdf2xbrl accounts conversion system
  • Full training and support provided, plus taxonomy updates

To find out more?

Contact us now for more information and a demonstration of the system.